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Director of Operations

The Director of Operations oversees the day-to-day activities of a team or a company, usually at the direction of the Chief Executive.

Job Description

  • Ensures that a company's everyday activities run smoothly.
  • Evaluates how efficiently and effectively the organization is operating by reviewing business procedures ranging from office expenses to real estate assets and makes necessary improvements.
  • Is responsible for overseeing the work of other upper-level management executives.
  • Ensures financial targets and other agreed targets are met in all departments.
  • Ensures compliance of safety regulations.
  • Keeps employees motivated and organizes appropriate training.
  • Investigates customer satisfaction and reports any issues to increase profits.
  • Works with legal departments on any matters that occur.

Skills Requirement

  • The typical educational background for operations management officers is a Master's in Business Administration.
  • Must excel at delegating tasks.
  • Must have exceptional communication skills.

What's Next

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