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Internationalization Engineer

Job Description

  • Works with Product Managers to ensure product business decisions are aligned with internationalization best practices.
  • Provides technical guidance to product and engineering partners using knowledge of internationalization best practices and standards.
  • Works as an embedded engineer within different product teams, assisting them with internationalizing code, externalizing localizable content, and improving localizability.
  • Writes scripts and automation tools when needed.
  • Helps implement i18n tools for conformance at code submission or build time.
  • Organize ongoing i18n testing.

Skills Requirement

  • Proven experience in i18n engineering.
  • Extensive knowledge of software design and architecture, data structures and algorithms.
  • Experience in building scalable applications with high availability and performance.
  • Clear communication and presentation skills.
  • Extensive knowledge of XML, expert knowledge of Java, and associated i18n best practices for each.
  • Solid experience using standard development tools, web services, and advanced scripting skills.
  • Proven expertise in externalizing localizable strings stored in databases.
  • Experience with i18n tools and automation expertise.
  • Experience integrating enterprise-level localization tools into build systems to facilitate continuous localization cycles.
  • Thorough knowledge of Unicode design, ICU4J, CLDR, and other common i18n standards.
  • Master's or Bachelor's Degree in CS preferred.

What's Next

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