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Language Lead

The Language Lead is the quality gatekeeper, voice and market ambassador for the target language.

Job Description

  • Approves all content translated by vendors for new launches and existing products.
  • Thoroughly QAs all localized content to ensure consistent messaging and proper functionality.
  • Manages creation and maintenance of linguistic assets (TMs, glossaries, style guides, reference materials) for the language/market expertise.
  • Provides input on UI, UX and design for products launching in international markets.
  • Identifies and fixes linguistic and cultural issues before launch.
  • Develops and maintains key relationships with vendor linguists.
  • Contributes to the linguistic workflows and processes definitions and specifications.
  • Monitors project activities and suggests improvements.
  • Evaluates the translators, localizers and proofreaders.

Skills Requirement

  • Fluent in the working language of the organization and educated native fluency of the target language.
  • Degree in Translation, Linguistics, or similar field of study.
  • Experience with localization platforms, file formats and CAT tools
  • Highly-developed computer skills (MS Office, Windows)
  • Ability to explain linguistic challenges and cultural questions and concepts to diverse stakeholders.
  • Ability to stay focused under pressure. Prioritize and manage multiple projects simultaneously.

What's Next

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