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Localization Engineer

Job Description

  • Utilizes tools to identify, prepare and manage localizable resources for translation (primarily Idiom and scripts and tools) for the languages assigned.
  • Integrates translations back into the core product for the languages assigned.
  • Works with Product Management, Translators, Project Management, Development Engineers, Web Development and other Product Development groups to ensure the localization process runs smoothly and on schedule.
  • Works with QA and Release Management to ensure that translations work live-to-site.
  • Develops and maintains localization tools and automated processes including documentation and training to support them (as needed).

Skills Requirement

  • Excellent knowledge of localization/translation tools, especially Idiom WorldServer.
  • Experience programming in one or more of the following: PERL, Python, C++, Visual Basic, Java.
  • Experience with dynamic web architectures. Familiarly with building code and with source code revisioning systems.

What's Next

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