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Localization Specialist

Play a key role in developing and shaping the organization’s voice and style in the target market to ensure that it’s clear, accessible, and culturally relevant for customers and partners. Work with Localization Manager, customers and partners, as well as external translators and editors to build and improve translations, terminology database, style guide, translation memories, and overall localization processes.

Job Description

  • Be the primary point of contact for linguistic decisions related to the content of your language(s).
  • Ensure that terminology and style is relevant and appropriate for the target personas in the market, both in terms of culture and technology adoption / market maturity.
  • Lead the development of terminology database and style guide, incorporating feedback from internal stakeholders well as customers and partners and other linguistic sources.
  • Ensure that translation memory files for your language(s) are clean and updated.
  • Work with the product team to ensure that customers have a remarkable experience using the localized version of the product.
  • Review translated content from agencies and partners.
  • Translate English content into target languages as needed.
  • Support the localization team with selection of relevant tools and technology.


Skills Requirement

  • Professional degree (ideally graduate-level) in translation.
  • Minimum of 5 years of professional translation and review/editing experience.
  • Experience translating marketing and technology-related content.
  • Extensive experience using major CAT tools.
  • Extensive experience with developing and managing termbases and translation memories
  • Detail-oriented, with a passion for linguistic quality.
  • Proven editing and proofreading skills.
  • Outstanding communicator, articulate, fluid conversationalist.
  • Analytical mindset, problem solver, good at troubleshooting.
  • Transcreation, video, and audio localization background are a plus.


What's Next

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