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Medical Interpreter

Job Description

  • Medical interpreters provide language services to non-English-speaking patients to help them communicate with doctors, nurses and other medical staff. They might be employed by medical facilities or interpreter agencies, or they might choose to operate their own businesses.
  • Conducts medical and general interpreting for staff, patients, and their families. Assesses and monitors patients' understanding of information conveyed.
  • Advises medical personnel about any cultural issues that might impact patient care.
  • Records and monitors interpretation activities according to hospital and department standards.
  • May be required to translate written documents.
  • Requires familiarity with medical terminology.

Skills Requirement

  • A bachelor's degree or a certificate are typically required for medical interpreters.
  • These professionals must be able to communicate in two languages and be familiar with medical terminology.
  • Requires fluency in one or more languages in addition to English.

What's Next

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