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The reviewer has the responsibility of checking the translations done for the client and making sure that everything is correct (style, grammar, punctuation, meaning, etc). The work needs to be reviewed thoroughly and, if necessary, the reviewer will need to ask the translator to go over any problems detected to provide a quality translation. Clients should be fully satisfied with the work done, including deadlines. The reviewer must remember that, even though clients may not know the language of the translation, they may have people around who understand it well.

Job Description

  • The reviewer is tasked with reviewing the linguistic and formatting issues associated with a translation project. His or her overall goal is to analyze the content for appropriate style, tone and message consistency.
  • In some workflows a document may be reviewed by a third person. This third person is usually referred to as a reviewer. There are generally three types of reviewers:
  • An internal/in-house reviewer will review the translation after all formatting is complete. The reviewer ensures that there are no typographical errors incorporated during the DTP phase. The reviewer may also focus on checking the accuracy of software references, localized graphics and other requirements that might be specific to the project.
  • A client reviewer is someone on the client’s side who reviews and/or approves the final translation. The client review step may be a requirement, but it is important that the client reviewer have extensive experience and knowledge about the topic.
  • An independent reviewer will assure quality when a translator enters a new language market. The more issues a translator can prevent before launch, the smoother his or her entrance.

Skills Requirement

  • Is a native speaker of the target language and have exceptional language skills.
  • Understands the language translation process from start to finish.
  • Is available during the appropriate time-frame to meet deadlines so there are no delays.
  • Is a subject matter expert for the product and the content that is translated.
  • Decision-making & finalizing reviews: When you are completing a review, keep in mind that you are the last thing that stands between the translation and visitors. Once you click on ‘Review complete’, the work is published and available to all.
  • Thoroughness - go through everything: Only consider completing a review once you have checked all the translation. Make sure that you have gone over all parts of the project if it includes different pages or sections.
  • Understanding the context and target culture & checking the translation in its context: It is always important to see the full picture. Make sure you know where the translation will be used and who the target audience is. Assume nothing. If you are not sure, ask the client.
  • Following up, solution-making: If you have a question for the client, create an issue asking for clarifications. If you have doubts about the translation, create an issue for the translator. Before completing the review, all issues should be closed. Open issues mean unresolved problems.

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