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Job Description

  • Talent acquisition.
  • Proactive recruiting of skilled workers.
  • Identifying prospective talent using internet research, phone, etc.

Skills Requirement

with credit to Maisha Cannon

  • S - Swift (Time is of the essence in competing against rival organizations to get the best candidate.)
  • O - Organized/Optimistic (Keeping track of who, what, when, where, and why are a must.)
  • U - Unafraid (Be unafraid of being pushed, be unafraid of rejection, be unafraid of pressure.)
  • R - Real (Being authentic in emails and on phone as you reach out to prospective candidates.)
  • C - Creative (The ability to look at the same job description in a fresh and new way.)
  • E - Energetic (You are the first face of the company. Be passionate and convey that passion.)
  • R - Resilient (Be prepared to deal with major wins and major let-downs.)

What's Next

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