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Vendor Manager

Job Description

  • A vendor manager oversees the relationship between their business and its vendors (or suppliers). They manage these relationships from the start of the contract through the sales process and after, when a financial analysis may be of strategic assistance. These professionals must provide analyses to their organization on vendors, oversee costs, and ensure the terms of contracts are followed by all parties. They should also be able to identify trends related to product needs for their employer. Vendor managers must be able to build positive relations with new vendors and maintain good relationships with existing ones as well.
  • In the language services industry, Vendor Managers typically source and recruit linguistic talents in anticipation of future needs. They negotiate rates with vendors, balancing the going market rates for the talents and the profit margin objectives of the organization. The Vendor Manager plays an important role in the success of the projects by ensuring just-in-time supply of the most cost effective talents.

Skills Requirement

  • Business Analysis, Operations Management, Contract Negotiation, and Project management.
  • Ability to manage company relationships with vendors, making sure contract terms are fulfilled and mitigating vendor risk.
  • Ability to create sales partnerships with vendors which benefit both parties.
  • Identifies potential vendors and conduct research to determine who offers the best products, prices, and services.
  • Coordinates vendors to ensure appropriate level of availability to meet the needs of the projects.

What's Next

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