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Project Manager

Primary responsibilities

  • Manages, tracks and reports on translation .
  • Works with workflow servlets, configuration, system interfaces, filters and translation memory.
  • Trains WorldServer users, maintain and develop training courses and write documentation.
  • The ability to manage multiple Language Service Providers is expected along with successful interfaces with internal clients, vendors and internal proprietary systems.
  • Routine responsibilities include management of terminology, translation memory and style guides.
  • Establishes goals to meet objectives.
  • Establishes group standards, procedures, performance levels and documentation requirements.
  • Provides guidance to staff to achieve goals in accordance with established policies.
  • Work is reviewed and measured based on meeting objectives and schedules.
  • Recommends changes to policy which affect group staff.
  • Develops departmental and or project tactical planning processes.
  • Communicates project status, issues to management, users and staff.
  • Adheres to policies and procedures.


  • Bachelor-level degree in Translation or Localization Project Management or equivalent experience.
  • Localization project management experience in a fast paced regulated environment (client or vendor experience a plus).
  • In-depth knowledge of all steps required in the localization process, including quality assurance and validation.
  • Technical expertise in the administration and configuration of Computer -Assisted Translation (CAT) and Content Management tools (e.g. WorldServer, Trados Studio, Trisoft etc.).
  • Excellent problem solving skills.
  • Strong organizational skills, teamwork and attention to detail.
  • Experience with HTML, Java, xml, Framemaker and other common file formats.
  • Experience debugging localization issues that arise with language-specific codepage/character encodings and varied file formats.
  • Desktop Publishing experience preferred.
  • Second language ability preferred.

What's Next

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